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Winter Classic Trousers Womens WP201



Suitable Temperature: -10-10℃

Fabric:100% polyester

Design Features:

1.Durable construction ensures a relaxed atmosphere and long-lasting comfort.
2.Four practical pockets for storing small items such as chocolates, tissues, USB cables, headphones, keys, and wallets.
3.YKK zipper for smooth and durable operation, integrated with high-quality buckles for added security.
4.Closure: Zipper
5.Material: Polyester
6.Style: Chino
7.Humanized design with an elastic waistband and belt loops for adjustable fit and easy wearing.
8.Straight leg design allows for easy movement and flexibility.
9.Water-repellent outer layer allows for wear in light rain.
10.Soft and comfortable polar fleece lining provides warmth and insulation.

1.Comfortable hiking trousers designed for women in outdoor settings. 2.Provides warmth and insulation for outdoor work or hiking activities. 3.Suitable for outdoor activities and can be worn in fall and winter for added warmth. 4.Offers a balance of comfort, warmth, and style for women seeking ultimate comfort in their hiking trousers.

BSCI / Oeko-Tex 100 / ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ROHS / CPC Certification

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