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Quaility Control

Robust quality control allows lmdsport to deliver higher product value, profit margins and build enduring partnerships with our customers.

Key Quality Control Process

P.P Meeting

Factory director, quality director, production director, packaging director, QA, and other staff will attend and participate in the prenatal meeting. We will evaluate each process's implementation.

Bulk Random Inspection

QA tests the quality of bulk commodities at random and monitors and improves it in real time.

Sample Approval

According to customer sample confirmation, the production director, quality director and QA will conduct pre-production process analysis and propose improvement plan.

Risk Assessment

The people involved in the risk assessment are: technicians, testers, QA, quality directors, and production directors, etc. They will assess the risks arising from the production process and inform staff in advance about prevention.

Fabric/ Trims Testing

Before mass production, we test the surface and auxiliary materials according to the customer's requirements. Mass production can be started only after receiving the qualified report and QA confirmation.

Supplier Management

Evaluate suppliers from four aspects: price, delivery, quality and sustainable development

Double guarantee of chemical report and inspection report;

Joint supplier targeted development fabric

We will conduct an annual supplier review and rating,strictly select advantageous suppliers;

Cycling kit Manufacturer
Cycling kit Manufacturer

Quality Improvement

Analyze and evaluate existing processes.

Set quality improvement goals.

Optimize processes and technologies.

Provide training and development.

Monitor and analyze quality data.

Foster a culture of continuous improvement.


As a mass sportswear producer, quality and standards are key to our reputation and customer satisfaction.

With our own designs, we define and inspect quality standards.

Partnering many brands demands meeting or surpassing their quality expectations.

Robust quality management and BULK QC need cross-team cooperation.

Cycling kit Manufacturer
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