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OEM Service

Lmdsport brings to market your product designs and concepts according to your quality and brand standards with our OEM service. “Client Designs Client Standards.” It is Lmdsport’s core philosophy of OEM service cultivated over 18 years of experience as an innovative leader in the cycling apparel industry.


All our customers have to do is provide us with the concept they have in mind, and our experienced design & production teams take over and bring the product to life. Our Dynamic Development process, strengthened by working with over 80 cycling brands, guarantees industry-leading Time-to-Market so that you can reach your customers with new innovative products before your competitors, delivering higher margins, greater market share and stronger brand loyalty.


Your Designs, Our Supply Chain Management Expertise.

Cycling Apparel Manufacturing

Competitive pricing

With two advanced production facilities and over 200 skilled workers, Lmdsport guarantees good quality products priced at a competitively low price to increase your sales, revenue, and profits. Our unparalleled productivity and efficiency create cost advantages that translate directly to your bottom line.

Focus on product development, marketing and sales

When you pass the manufacturing responsibility to Lmdsport, your company will be able to invest more resources into research and development for new products. Our OEM services will enable you to focus on your core business activities while we handle the manufacturing with dedication and passion as our own products.

Reduce capital costs and protect yourselves against fluctuations

When you choose to outsource to us, it will enable your company to save significantly on investments in machinery, equipment, and factory space. You will also benefit from our operational scale and deep sourcing connections that help buffer against the fluctuating raw material costs to avoid upsetting your carefully planned budgets.

Access to experts leads to good quality

The team at Lmdsport takes design quality seriously. We only have experienced manufacturers with decades of experience to produce your designs. With us, you have a reliable team of over 30 top designers and 180 skilled workers to count on who knows the reasons for manufacturing defects and have the technical capabilities to prevent them from cropping up. You don’t have to worry about making costly mistakes with our highly experienced manufacturing experts.

OEM Process


You have free choices not just over fabrics, accessories, and colors, but also over material providers that Lmdsport has connection with


Any pattern, details and construction you wanted will be met through craftsmanship, printing, embroidery, etc. Lmdsport's unparalleled workmanship and technologies ensure the realization of your creative designs.


We provide custom packaging to complement your brand's look. Bags, boxes, and cartons can all be tailored to your specifications with the same high quality and finesse that go into our products.

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