A leading sportswear manufacturer in China


Business Scope

  • Main Business: Foreign trade OEM, ODM orders
  • Main Products: Cycling Wear,Running Wear,Fitness Wear,Fishing Wear,Outdoor Wear,Sportswear etc
  • Main Marketing Country: Europe including Spain, Germany, Italy, France, etc., North America including US, Mexico, etc., South America including Colombia, Chile, Brazil, etc., Southeast Asia including Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia etc.
Cycling Clothing Manufacturer

Business Type

ODM & OEM for Sportswear Brands

  • Collaborative R&D and production: We collaborate with global brands to create customized sportswear and outdoor apparel.

  • Extensive product range: We specialize in a wide range of categories, including cycling wear, fishing wear, active wear & athleisure, winter jackets, seamless wear, and basic sports.

  • Cutting-edge fabric technologies: We incorporate the latest fabric technologies for optimal performance and durability.

  • Brand identity and market relevance: We ensure that our products reflect the brand’s identity and meet market demands.

Small Order for New Brands

  • Lower minimum order quantities (MOQs): We offer accessible MOQs for new brands.

  • Access to premium materials: We provide high-quality materials for small orders.

  • Professional design support: Our experienced design team offers personalized samples and trend consultancy.

  • Efficient small batch production: We have a streamlined process for quick turnaround times.

  • Cost-effective solutions: We offer competitive pricing for emerging brands.

Private & White Label Services

  • Custom branded apparel: We help clients create their own branded apparel.

  • Existing or exclusive designs: Clients can choose from existing styles or develop exclusive products.

  • Brand image enhancement: Our services strengthen brand recognition and loyalty.

  • Competitiveness in the market: Private labeling sets clients apart from competitors.

  • Comprehensive support: We provide end-to-end support throughout the private label process.

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