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Windbreak Cycling Bib Pant Mens 22Awm03



Suitable Temperature: 0-15 ℃

Fabric:85% Polyamide,15% Spandex

Design Features:

1.Fit version, multi-color high-waist design, enhance the warmth and the sense of fashion.
2.Gradient sublimation printed straps, connecting the color of pants to increase the sense of fashion.
3.3D logo on the side of the leg, eye-appealing and good quality
4.The whole pants adopts four stitches and six threads to reduce stitching and friction , make the pants more comfortable.
5.The strap edge adopts the “fitting technology”, which is smooth and without marks, reduces friction and increases comfort.
6.Leg opening use webbing splicing, increase skid resistance.
7.The front pant leg has three layers of composite windproof fabric , windproof and with good heat preservation.

This theme series mainly focuses on the function of keeping warm+windproof. The multi-layer composite fabric combined with the waterproof performance enhances the warmth and comfort of winter riding

BSCI / Oeko-Tex 100 / ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ROHS / CPC Certification

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