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Fleece Cycling Pant Mens 22Awm20



Suitable Temperature: 0-15 ℃

Fabric:85% Polyamide,15% Spandex

Design Features:

1. It features a combined design, with multiple colors and a high-waisted design, enhancing both warmth and fashion sense.
2. The 3D stereoscopic logo on the side of the leg is eye-catching and textured.
3. The entire pants are stitched using a four-needle six-thread technique, reducing seams and friction to enhance comfort.
4. The edges of the suspenders are seamlessly attached, providing a smooth and seamless appearance, reducing friction, and increasing comfort.
5. The foot opening is reinforced with woven tape to enhance slip resistance.
6. The front legs of the pants are made of a three-layer composite windproof fabric, offering excellent windproof and warmth properties.

This theme series mainly focuses on the function of keeping warm+windproof. The multi-layer composite fabric combined with the waterproof performance enhances the warmth and comfort of winter riding

BSCI / Oeko-Tex 100 / ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ROHS / CPC Certification

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