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Cotton Cycling Jacket Womens 21Awsz02



Suitable Temperature: -10-10 ℃

Fabric:Cotton blend+fleece fabric

Design Features:

1. The use of splash-resistant fabric provides protection against moisture and cold air, preventing them from infiltrating the body.

2. The lightweight and warm military-grade cotton material offers 25% more insulation compared to regular civilian cotton, while maintaining the same weight.

3. The high elasticity and quick-drying fleece fabric is cleverly combined on the sides of the garment, inside the collar, and cuffs. This not only eliminates the sense of restraint during movement but also allows for moisture absorption and quick sweat evaporation at the joint areas.

4. The 3D stereoscopic cutting technique, incorporating ergonomic principles, ensures a more suitable fit for training and cycling. The dual-color military cotton patchwork elevates the classic houndstooth pattern to a more fashionable style.

5. The clever use of non-slip fabric at the lower back hem prevents it from riding up during forward-leaning cycling.

6. The discreet design of hidden rear pockets on both sides allows for convenient storage and access to personal items without compromising the overall slim fit design.

7. Enhanced with YKK resin zippers, ensuring smooth and durable zipper operation.

The inspiration for this design comes from the Arctic fox, which lives in the cold Arctic region and can freely navigate through the snow even in harsh conditions. The 3D cutting technique is used to enhance the body shape, preventing the winter attire from appearing bulky. The military-grade cotton material is lightweight, ensuring that winter cycling doesn’t become burdensome. The use of splash-resistant fabric prevents snowmelt from seeping into the cotton material. The patchwork design not only provides warmth but also increases breathability, enhancing the comfort of cycling.

BSCI / Oeko-Tex 100 / ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ROHS / CPC Certification

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